Sky 3D TV


Sky TV has its 3d TV experience to take a large technological leap from analogue to digital TV experience. Sky TV s setting new standards for the way TV is watched. In order to enjoy the experience of sky 3D TV, you need to use polarized glasses that If the TV is watched without the glasses, you would see two distinct images that make the stereo image, and the polarizing glasses help you see the 3D effect when they are put on.

Sky would broadcast 2 images side by side and these images are then processed and brought together, and when the image is viewed through polarizing glasses, the images can be seen together as one 3d image. The polarizing glasses make different images be viewed by the left eye and the right eye, to “fool” your brain in thinking that you are viewing one image.

Sky has recorded multiple programs for 3D TVs by the use of special cameras that are made of up of 2 standard camera as mounted on a rig. That means a wide choice of 3d TV programs that can be delivered to your home for extra entertainment. 3D TV is the nest big thing for the added experience. Companies like Pixar are converting its movies into the 3D TV format. George Lucas has put start wars in 3D and we have 3D gaming coming onto the market.














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