Mitsubishi 3D TV


With so many home TV entertainment innovations on the market, is it really possible to enhance the home TV watching experience any further. The answer is yes it is with the Mitsubishi 3d TV. People who are looking for the improved experienced are watching movies in 3D, going to Imax to watch movies in 3D now have a chance to bring that experience home with the Mitsubishi 3D TV. The studios that have made movies for the cinema are now making movies for the home 3D TVs to bring the 3D movies at home.

The Mitsubishi 73 inch home entertainment 3D Television is 3D ready allows you to watch content in the 3D format, whether it be films or games. The 3D TV offers a very immersive experience that and draws the viewer right into the action on the screen It allows you to watch your favourite sporting events and will make you wander why you need tickets to game when you can watch a game on TV at home in such an enhanced manner. Watching a sporting event on the 3D TV is like being on the front row of a sporting event.

This “in your face” Mitsubishi 3D TV experience is like never before and all in the comfort of your own home. The best part is that you can bin the old and frail paper 3D glasses. The new viewing glasses are much more advanced, sturdier and offer a much more user friendly experience when worn, reducing any viewing related side effects like headaches.

The Mitsubishi 3D TV uses technology a DLT monitor containing tiny micro mirrors and other technologies to achieve a third dimensional TV viewing experience.












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